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Sunday Morning Classes- Fall 2023

Sundays at 9:00 AM before worship service, we study the Bible, have times of fellowship, and seek to learn more about God and how to live as disciples of Jesus Christ. Class topics change regularly, but we have several ongoing groups that meet each week.

Sundays at 9:00 AM

We are so excited to share our new classes that will be starting this Sunday. This is a great way to dive deep into the Word and get to know more covenant partners at TGC!

John - Room 100, led by Richard Draffin & Michael Jackson
This class will study the amazing gospel of John, the story of Jesus the messiah and son of God, written so that we “may come to believe that Jesus is messiah.” The gospel begins with a prologue, which identifies Jesus as the eternal word and the light and life of the world, and moves on to the book of signs, the book of glory, and to post resurrection experiences. We see miraculous signs, long discourses, “I am” statements, high priestly prayer, and much more. John’s emphasis is on Jesus himself, fully revealed to us in the incarnation. Please join us!

Fellowship Class: Proverbs: Learning to Live Wisely led by Ray Huml & Doug Steele, (Room 206)
Currently our study is entitled “John Stott’s Sermon on the Mount”. John Stott was known worldwide as a preacher, evangelist and communicator of Scripture. Over the course of at least 12 weeks, we’ll dig deeper into the startling and challenging message of the greatest sermon ever preached. In the tradition of the class, we value prayer and discussion in an informal setting as we study the Word together.All those interested are welcome to attend. The class values prayer and discussion in an informal setting as you study the Word together.



Questions about what class might be right for you?  Contact 

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